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Calling All Young Poets of the Philippines Writing in English

The editors of a forthcoming anthology would like to request your participation. The book will serve as a peek into and a celebration of the future of Philippine Poetry in English. Dr. Cirilo Bautista will be editing the project with the assistance of Ken T. Ishikawa.

If you are 35 years old and below, a Filipino, and a writer of Poetry in English please send five of your best representative work to newphilippinepoetry(at)gmail(dot)com. Young poets who have not yet published any books are highly encouraged to send their works.

Please send each of your poems in a single file; don't put all five in one. Don't forget to include short biographical information with a scanned 1x1 photo as your profile will appear in the list of contributors. The deadline will be on November 15, 2005.

Honorarium will come in the form of a contributor's copy. Authors of accepted works will be receiving a reply in their mail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when would the book be published?

thank you.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Renante Beron said...

hi.I'm renante c. beron and i am 19 years old. i am a young filipino writer in english and filipino. i have written over 45 poems in english, 20 tulang tagalog, 15 essays and 10 short stories mostly in english. i want to be known. i hope you will help beginners like me to improve my chosen path. i am currently a sports editor at the DWCC Gazette, our school publication. you can contact me by visiting my website at www.renanteberon.net.tc

3:00 PM  

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